How do you throw a ball farther? – Ventriloquist Puppet Makers

You need two hands.

The first hand grabs the rubber ball and keeps going. The other hand catches the second ball and throws it. It’s actually a little like throwing two footballs at once — if your first ball hits your partner, it stops short. This also makes it easier to make a catch, since you can turn your elbow at the same time.

There are more advanced versions than this, including one where the second ball goes through a window in it, or another where the first ball hits a rubber balloon and goes through a window in the second ball. You can even throw a ball in the air and make it bounce in a circle.

The “faster” versions of this move is also really fun, though it’s slightly slower than the old two-hands-at-a-time method.

The second ball is also pretty useful, as it lets you toss a ball around with relative ease, so if the first ball is dropped, you can toss the second one into the air and catch it.

You can learn more about the different variations of this move in this video, which was filmed for the 2008 book The World’s Greatest Ball Thrower, by Kevin Walsh. You can find this version in the video below:

Video: YouTube


2. Pull up and throw a ball with the same arm on the same side

This is kind of more complicated, but you can make a similar trick that you learned back in elementary school. You’ve got two arms, the front one is holding the ball and letting it roll back and forth — basically, a double-arm throw, but with the ends pointed down.

This is actually the easiest variation to learn. You still need to get your hands strong enough to throw a ball with that hand over the ball, but it’s easier than using just two hands.

To make it easier to throw the two arms, I’d suggest doing it upside-down as well. Your arms should be pointing in opposite directions, but your palms should be facing in the air. Then you simply throw the ball the way the instruction says.

Here’s what the above video looks like:

Video: YouTube

3. Throw a single arm throw with both arms at the same time

This is a different, more sophisticated version of the “single arm throw” taught in elementary school… but it’s one we’ve all wanted to do for years. One of the reasons throwing

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