How do you throw a ball farther?

How do you keep it under control?” — David Cameron, in an interview, 2015
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Cameron’s father was a professional cyclist, on a WorldTour, and so the question of whether his son understands this sport was asked repeatedly after his trip to Dubai. And with the first Tour de France, which Cameron took part in earlier this year, now a year away as we speak, the question of the young man’s ability to master every element of a cycling Tour will be answered.

There were signs for Cameron early that he had talent, and he excelled in this new sport. And so the question is not whether Cameron can get better at the sport, but whether he still has what it takes to take what he has and become the best rider on the planet for the rest of his long career.

The first sign of that ability came against Etixx-QuickStep at the Tour of Romandie in May. It was only his second Tour de France appearance, as a domestique at the 2005 Tour, which he won in a very surprising debut as a professional rider.

In the first week, he was a constant and constant threat to beat the leaders. And, he has done that so consistently for so long that the fact that he’s still learning how to be a professional is not a good sign for his climbing power and other skills.

“I would probably say with my first season in pro cycling, at least in the first half of the Tour de France, that I learned a lot of things and had some good days and bad days, but I think I was riding at a level where it was pretty obvious I could be a pro racer. It was kind of like how I said, ‘Oh god, just make it happen, because I can do it.’ I thought, I’ll do whatever it takes to get to this point so I can become that good of a rider. But you know, so now all I know is: It’s very apparent that I can do it. If I am riding great day in, day out, it is pretty easy to see that I’m a very good climber. I’m very good in the mountains. I’ve spent my entire career focused on climbing. I’m the kind of rider that could win two, three or four stages of a Tour but if I am in this race that is hard, I’m not going to do too badly.

“If you’re in a team where a new team-mate is looking at what