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It’s a bit like the way you say, ‘I love you,’ when you’re really tired and you have to say it all the time,” said Benskow. “As humans, we can’t just say things and let it go.”

Benskow said it’s “important for human beings to express their feelings on a much more intimate level.”

Benskow is the director of the Linguistic Diversity Project at MIT.

I’m not sure if this will help me at all, but:

Can you take the old game’s audio from the original version and replace it with the sound effects? (There are 3 sounds in total, and each of them has audio.)

Basically, I’d like to improve the way things sound in the game by using the original effects (as opposed to just swapping them around).

Thanks for your help, which is really welcome.

Rajon Rondo is currently taking to Twitter in an effort to convince teams he hasn’t ruled out a return if he were to be selected in the NBA Draft. But those tweets are causing some alarm among Celtics fans who still see him as a viable candidate for the franchise’s future, and that could have the team’s front office considering a decision in the next 48 hours.

On Friday, Rondo tweeted that the team’s owners are “hopelessly naive,” saying that it would be “inappropriate” for the team to offer him a contract. And a second tweet said that a deal is unlikely when it came time to make the pick, and Rondo went on to mention how he believes “they haven’t earned our trust.”

It doesn’t appear he was referring to Boston’s ownership, who haven’t been a part of the process, but instead his hometown, Boston, whose mayor has said he’d welcome his return even though Boston was eliminated from the playoffs Friday. Rondo himself did not indicate if he would return to the NBA after the lockout is over, but if he did, he’d be a much better fit for a team with a smaller payroll than the one he would likely play for now in Boston.

After the Celtics were ousted in the first round of the playoffs by the Chicago Bulls, they went out on loan to Orlando for the remainder of the season and he is currently a free agent. He’s said he would like to be traded, but the league’s moratorium on free agency runs till July 9.

Whether that means it’ll ever

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