How do you talk without moving your lips?

You have to move only a second or two, and you speak very fast if you’re not in a good mood. You might get a look from someone or perhaps a whisper from someone other than yourself, because you are so sensitive.

“He’s got a real bad temper” – he is always shouting.

That’s a real sign you need a bit more therapy

You can talk to people who are just like you, but they are usually not as calm.

When you have something you are thinking, it must be very clear to you, not vague, that you are not making a mistake.

For some reason it takes you an extra two seconds or so to realise you’re not quite sure whether you know the answer.

“What’s the matter? Is she crazy?”

She is crazy and probably not in the right mind.

Sometimes a friend, perhaps one of the girls in the dormitory, has a temper.

If she is talking about another girl in a particularly nasty way, then you are more likely to lose your temper yourself.

“Come on, I know you’ve not lost your temper because I told you you had it.”

Sometimes an outburst can help you see the situation more clearly, but you will still be able to talk yourself out of the problem.

If you do not calm down you will lose more control over yourself.

You probably cannot even control your lips when they get really angry.

If you have a difficult time talking in public then talk to a psychologist as soon as possible.

“Don’t worry, it is all right – just like the last time.”

Maybe you would never admit to such a thing to someone you love.

But you know that if you want to get through this life, you will have to put up with a lot of problems in order to move on.

Sometimes you cannot see how things got to that point.

“You must forgive her because she is a child” – it’s just as if her behaviour was my own fault.

Even though the problem may have started because of her own bad behaviour then you need to forgive her too for the pain she caused you.

Many girls can be really bad parents, and they have got all the powers they need to control everyone around them. They can get people to act like children who want the same things as them.

It is very important to set