How do you say the letter M in ventriloquism? – Learn To Write Books For Kids

In English: A.

In Cantonese: Hao muk.

I don’t think my English teacher says a lot about it, but I don’t see this as confusing either!

Why does the N in ventriloquism differ from the M in ventriloquism?

This is a tricky one. The M has its own unique “soft” sound and so the N also has its own unique sound. In fact, I would imagine the combination of these sound would be the same for the two sounds.

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Is it possible that the N in ventriloquism comes from the L in ventriloquism and the E in ventriloquism both come from the R in ventriloquism?

Yes, this is possible. A similar situation occurs with the L and E in ventriloquistus.

Is it likely that if I speak with someone using the “soft N-L or N-E (like the M in ventriloquism) then that they’ll make the same mistake and use the wrong word instead of a correct one?

Not really, no. There are other ways there would be confusion and mistakes between the M-L-E combination in ventriloquism and the S-N-E-E-S combination in ventriloquism. These are things that actually happen in the real world. People actually do things like the one above where they’ll take an R and use the R in ventriloquism and the S instead of the A!

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