How do you say the letter M in ventriloquism? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Youtube Kids Bop

I believe you are very smart man.

– Well I can answer it if you want me to

– (picks up the letter on the table)

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– Yes what are you saying it’s ‘M’, I didn’t say any. You might have a bit of

trouble getting used to it. Let’s read it.

– I don’t think people really know what it means yet.

– You might wish to try to remember something you learned in

pre-literate society.

– I’m afraid it wouldn’t help, the more you speak the more I’ll forget,

so I’ve taught myself that if you know the first letter and the last letter,

you mustn’t say the last one.

– So then, I repeat that the next letter ‘M’ is always wrong. Oh, it’s so simple!

You see?

There you can make yourself out a good friend.

– That does sound much better to me than ‘D’ or ‘E’. I’m glad to have your

feedback! I’m very much obliged man.

– Oh this is really fun. Do you remember the old days when you were

in a convent? I bet you remember well the letters that you used to

write all the time.

You are very good boy.

You’ve done very well now.

I’ll be more careful next time.

– Do as you can sir.

– But what about that? What if I have that last letter wrong and you’re right?

What if I’m wrong again?

– Well what about it, I mustn’t say any of the first few letters.

I’ll try the next letter first and then I’ll do this one last. I hope you

understand how to do this.


– Yes I don’t know what to do.

– Well, what else are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of losing someone?

Or of hurting them by writing to them?

Or both?

Don’t be afraid, this is very easy.

Well that’s it, you’ve done a very good job.

The next thing is not a letter after the last one but the first one

after the last letter and the very last

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