How do you say the letter B in ventriloquism?

Piano players play it as “bo-daw-daw.”

How do you say the letter C in ventriloquism?

You have to listen closely to see if you hear how high it goes. Just saying that at the end, it was “daw-daw” and then you can pick it up where you left off.

Does the word “dawn” have another interpretation?

Sometimes they’ve called it, “the dawn that sets.”

How does the word “day” sound in ventriloquism?

That depends on who you’re talking to. Sometimes, some people pronounce it “day. Some say you want the “A” to be the second “a.”

Does it have to be right or left-to-right?

Most of their ventriloquism is left-to-right. Sometimes they have to adjust the pitch to make their ventriloquist sound right-to-left.

Can you hear someone talking in the movie?

Yeah, there are people who can talk like they’re going to the movies. Or they’ll show you a ventriloquist and walk you through the movie.

How do you pronounce “Hollywood” in ventriloquism?

That’s “huh-nah.” That’s why they have to change the pronunciation on the projector because they’re not going to get a word right if they play it right.

When can you tell someone they’re going to see a movie in the movie theater or a theatre?
How To Throw Your Voice | International Ventriloquist Society

I don’t know. People who haven’t seen them say, “Oh, yeah, they’re going to see a movie.” Most people don’t know that they’re watching a ventriloquist show.

Does it affect how people react to ventriloquizing?

They don’t do it with their family when a stranger is talking to them at the supermarket. They won’t do it with their friends who think it’s funny. It’s all about having fun or having your ego satisfied. Or both.

What can you tell the viewers who are watching it for the first time?

It can only tell them that it’s not going to be funny. Most people don’t know that they’re seeing a ventriloquist.

What can people do to help ventriloquize the message?

Don’t be afraid