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“I’m still in shock.” ―Oscar Wilde [src]

Oscar Wilde was a Victorian-era poet famous for the phrase “Quod si vivere”. He was the author of the classic play, The Importance of Being Earnest (1892). He was born October 15, 1839 in London. Wilde was one of the most influential people of the age, receiving the Society of Arts and Letters’ first prize. His writing was a mix of humor, tragedy, and philosophical thinking, though he was a strong influence on Rudyard Kipling. Wilde was considered the greatest poet of his time and was hailed as “the best writer of his time.” After being asked to write a play, Wilde accepted. His play, Quod si vivere, was premiered by William Morris at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

As a young man, Wilde became interested in reading novels. Later, he became disillusioned with all of the literary works, including novels, in the Victorian era. He was also influenced by his mother’s “imperfection” and his own “impish” disposition. Wilde later moved to New York and developed an interest in philosophy, philosophy in the sense of the philosophical branch of religion, and the social philosophies of the 19th century. He developed a deep interest in German philosophers such as J. M. Coetzee, Johann Wilhelm Schelling, and Friedrich Nietzsche, who had a profound impact on Wilde’s thinking. These philosophers were an early influence for his writing and Wilde studied them extensively.

The influence of all of the philosophers he studied began a deep philosophical thought within him, making him more self-reliant. To this end, he began his career as an essayist. During this time, Wilde wrote several essays, “Love” and “The Adventures of Augie March.” “In Memoriam” was also one of these. He was also very interested in the evolution of nature and the natural world in general, and wrote many scientific articles on botany, zoology, and zoology of plants. He also created many novels focusing on the life of nature such as “The Garden of Earthly Delights” and “Thumbelina” and was one of the main advocates of wild plants in science fiction. This led to Wilde’s later being banned from writing.

During his early youth, his father was a schoolmaster, as were many other fathers throughout the Victorian age. During this early stage, Wilde himself was learning to

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