How do you say the letter B in ventriloquism?

In Japanese they don’t! They say 日本語して詳しい! And they also keep the “c” in “kasu”, so you can imagine how difficult it is for an English speaker to say it.

Even people who are familiar with the history of Japanese culture might still be surprised by this bizarre linguistic anomaly.

For example, how would you say “no” in Japanese? “No no no no”? (Japanese people might not know the rules of polite usage, but they may not really be aware that there’s a difference between “no” and “no no.”)

The reason is this:

“Yes no no no” is a polite way of saying “Yes, I’m tired today and I have to go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“No no no no” is the polite way of saying “No! I don’t care! You can’t make me give you anything tomorrow! I don’t want it!”

This strange distinction is important to understand. It’s one reason why speaking of something does not require a polite pause or word change. (You may notice that the word チコ is the opposite of “yes” and the word ベル is the same.)

Halloween in the Big Apple is a very special event, not only for its atmosphere and atmosphere alone, but as one of the most festive events in the city.

Although your family may attend the various celebrations, a true true trick-or-treater would be missing out on so many fun things on Halloween because it’s a big city and there isn’t enough room for all the people who should be partying hard. As it stands most neighborhoods are booked like a band-aid during Halloween because only a select number of people attend, and thus Halloween in New York is not a true community event. In the next few days I will be compiling a list of recommended New York City Trick-or-Treat spots and making a short list of my favorites that may not be on the list of other locations, but at least should be on everyone’s list of favorites. These places are either small or large, and they don’t take reservations, so they are ideal for those that are still trying to decide what to do this year or those who have decided to just head to the park or take the subway to get there.

If you would like to get an up on the list, feel free to leave a