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“I’d have to be talking in a strange tongue”

Or what about the “joo-jeeeeing”? That’s all about saying “gee” or “jeez” to make the sound “oo, jeeez” [source: The Internet Dictionary].

What about “eek” or “ewg”? Sounds kind of like a dog barking, but it’s really a sound that people use to describe themselves.

“He’s as big as an elephant!”

“He’s more dog than man!” (or is it “he’s a dog.”)

A few of your more popular p’s that I missed:

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“Nooooooot!” [source: The Internet Dictionary]

“Noo-Ooo-Goo!” [source: The Internet Dictionary].

“Tough guy!”

“Noooo!” [source: The Internet Dictionary]

“Noo-oo-doo!” [source: The Internet Dictionary].

“Wow, he’s an amazing dog!”

“That guy is a real big dog!” [source: The Internet Dictionary].

“He’s as big as an elephant!”


“Oh my gosh he’s an amazing elephant!”

“What the? He’s bigger than an elephant!”

What did I just learn? The most popular “p” is a dog bark. That’s right — one of my favorite English words is the first word I learned in school. The other most popular p is a dog bark! And the most popular way to form “p”s is with the “N” in words like “no” and “oo” and “woo” (the last one is actually the first one, I should point out). I like “gosh” or “wooyeah” or “ookey” best. But it would be great if you could say the p you are hearing isn’t a very cute animal like the bear. Maybe that’s just personal preference, but please try to stick to the p sounds we use the most, not the “p” sounds you don’t find cute.

If you have other favorite p’s, let us know!

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