How do you move your mouth when talking?

How do you move your tongue when you speak?

And then later this same person asked me, “What is the most important thing you should remember during a conversation?” I tried really hard to remember that these were the things that had actually caused my heart to beat faster.

That is when it hit me. How in the world do you speak?

I’ve found it helpful to consider what’s going on during a conversation. This is because the way you feel, the things you’re saying, and the way you’re asking for information all have a direct bearing on the information you’ll receive.

In a perfect scenario, you’re making a direct request (the thing being requested) in order to receive information (the response you’re seeking). In this scenario, everything else is just noise. The things you just said will be absorbed by the recipient.

In real world life, we often speak with others who are asking for more information than we do ourselves. We’re frequently asking for information that isn’t available to us ourselves. So we often don’t realize the impact we’re having on our listeners.

On the other hand, I’m sure you’re wondering about what the heck I’m doing?

I have a book to help you become an effective conversationalist: Learn to Speak: The Definitive Guide to Talking Better. I’ve written it, and I hope you will find it useful.

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Fantasy Football Rankings – Week 7

We’re up to #8 in the NFL and we’re beginning to pick up steam heading into Week 8. The first week of the season is a big one in the NFL, and there are a bunch of Week 8 matchups to consider. Here’s my updated fantasy football rankings for Week 7.

Top Fantasy Football Starts vs. QBs

Week 7 Top Fantasy Football Starts vs QBs Player Team Opp. Rank @ Washington 0 1.00 1 @ Green Bay 0 1.00 2 @ NY Giants -4.5 1.50 3 vs Atlanta -5.25 1.75 4 @ Detroit 0 0.00 5 vs Chicago -4.00 1.75 6 @ Pittsburgh -4.75 2 7 @ Tampa Bay 7.50 2 8 @ Washington