How do you make a ventriloquist puppet out of a stuffed animal? – Is Ventriloquism Real


This is a very, very simple, but very interesting and original question (I hope) that I’ve never seen solved. This is why I started a blog to collect and share answers to the questions from the forum. This should also give you inspiration to go out there and solve other puzzles like these that I’ll be sharing here.

What is a Ventriloquist puppet?

Well if you remember from last post I mentioned that we have a “nose” on a ventriloquist puppet and a mouth on an infant toy. So, to put it simply, our puppet has a nose and a mouth, and a nose is attached to a ventriloquist puppet puppet. This makes it look like the dummy is breathing, but it is not.

What exactly is a “cannonball”?

To explain this problem I am going to give you my old friend (and I still love you), the famous “cannon ball” game in our school. It is not a good game. I’ve stopped playing it because it is boring and difficult, it was too easy when we had our own little toys. Today, I’m not sure if it does not feel too simple or just too hard. If you are on the verge of having an idea or a great idea that you think I can use, then please tell me on the forum or in the comments, you are totally welcome to share it. The only limitation is, of course, your imagination.

First step is figuring out the basic shape of the toy that was chosen. I chose a very classic, small roundish looking plastic toy. The toy has two arms (not pictured) connected to it’s legs that are attached to a ball (see picture).

It was important that I had both arms. We wanted both ends of the arm to be pointing down. The first thing I did was cut both parts of both arms in half. Then I made two cuts (one big, one small). The top part of the arm will be attached to its foot. The small part of the arm is attached to its foot.

Next, I had to determine my shape. The most important thing in creating a little “cannon ball” was:

Shape of the ball.

If your ball is too thick/loose, then don’t make it at all. If it’s too loose then it will not float and will go far from the arm. But if the ball is right,

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