How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – Ventriloquist Skills

I made a little video of it in action!

You can also play it for yourself. You’ll need to know an important little secret about sock puppets… The key part of the mouth is not the teeth. To make the mouth work properly you need to have one big tooth on each side of the mouth. That is the part that is exposed on your own face for the face to be able to see!

If you were to make a little head that was attached to the end of a sock it would go in one end of your mouth, and a little mouth on the other end… In short, there is no way to go about making a sock puppet mouth!

But I was determined to make it anyway – I would try the trick in another video I might!

Puppy Mouth Makeup

How do you make a sock puppet tongue?

You can try this trick in many different ways – some may be more effective than others! You can try making a sock puppets tongue like I did – the idea is to take one sock in the middle that you want your puppy to have!

To do this, I cut it open so it was wide enough for the mouth of the puppet to fit into. I then drew lines down the inside of the sock around the edges of the sock. Then I drew a line along the right side of the sock. I used black paint to make the lines of the tongue but you could also use a marker.

Puppy Mouth Makeup

How do you make a sock puppet ear?

Make your sock puppet eye a little rounder than the rest of the sock. This will make it easier to see where it is in the sock.

Draw a line down the toe of your sock. Make sure both sides are drawn down the toe of your sock – otherwise your puppy may not hear you!

Then, using the same procedure to make the left and right ears, draw a line down the inner edge of the sock.

You then need to make some marks on your fabric to indicate where you need to draw.

Make sure there is no visible fabric or hair on your mark – don’t do this at all! Once you create your mark you need to cut all the way through and cut them on the inside of your sock to make a little hole!

You can also make a little hole for the tongue if you do this correctly.

Puppy Mouth

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