How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – International Ventriloquist

There are several options that have been proposed recently

– the first one (and I think the most widespread) is to use the mouth of the sock puppet to create the mouth to talk back to us. The mouth has a tongue and gums and a cheeky look of the sock puppet saying “OK, sorry”, or “OK, let’s just have a conversation”, or whatever funny thing that you want the sock puppet to say. The mouth is then replaced with the tongue, and the sock puppet’s face becomes a mouth with some kind of smile. If you can’t find a good sock puppet mouth, you can try this one. I believe this one seems to take advantage of the “invisible tongue” feature of the sock puppet.

– you can place a rubber band near the mouth of a sock puppet that is hanging. The mouth turns into the rubber band and the sock puppet starts saying some funny words. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to do this, but I would suggest you try it once.
Gerry Gee - Australia's most famous puppet | Puppets

This is a more complicated approach to have the sock puppet talk to a friend or family member. The idea is for the sock puppet to have the “talking” part of the puppet. In this approach a rubber band is put around the mouth of the sock puppet, so the mouth becomes a mouth with some kind of smiling face. The rubber band is left on the sock puppet for 15 minutes at a time, and every time the person says “OK” or “Thank you”, the rubber band is pulled off, revealing a smile across the sock puppet’s face.

One of my friends has tried to do a version of this with his sock puppet, and she found a way to make the rubber band go off a few times during the talk. He said, “That’s not really a rubber band at all. In my experience, the rubber band is usually much more comfortable to move around than something that was just hanging at eye level.

– you can use an old rubber band, cut to size; for example to put on clothes. Cut it like this – (click for photo)

– if you want to make more of a rubber band thing, you can cut it into different lengths if you have a lot of sock puppets at home.

– one of my favorite socks-peasant stories is probably the time that I made this sock puppet, and I was taking a nap when my father got home. He came in, and found

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