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Puppet Mocking System (4.9/5)

The Mock-A-Pony system is similar to an action puppet, except the body is rigid and no mouth is necessary. To perform as an action puppet, the puppet must move its lips or tongue while holding them in one motion; or to perform as a mock-a-pony, the puppet can move its hands while holding them in one motion. As the name suggests, the trick is that the lips and tongue are not moving by moving the head, but rather are moved around, a bit like the action puppet, only the puppet won’t move its eyes, mouth, or tongue. There are several different mock-a-pony systems.


Most of what you’re thinking of when you think of mock-a-ponies is actually K-puppet, with a few minor distinctions. The basic concept is that the body and head are separate. It is as though the head is not moving (or moving its hands while holding them in one motion). The body can move independently (a “suck-up” motion) or it can stay still (a “fade” motion, or “pulse” motion). The body can vary its position, or be stationary (a “squish-back” motion). K-puppets in a movie are more likely to move while staring at you than those in a book, making it easy for a kid or a teenager to think of a K-puppet at a library reading.

The head may be completely flat (like a fake eyeball), but it can be completely raised or it can be rotated. The arms can move independently or they might be rotated. They can move up and down, or they can even swing.

A “suck-up” motion is the most common and is a motion that the head makes when it’s sucking in air while it is holding onto a straw or another object, so that air is not sucked out of the nose. There are other ways to make the lips move like this, like moving the teeth, or rotating the face or the mouth, or moving the eyes. K-puppets are typically made of plastic or foam, and have movable lips and tongues.

A K-puppet may be a puppet in a movie, or they may not be puppets at all. They are only really used for laughs, as a prank, or just to

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