How do you make a puppet voice? – Ventriloquist Doll

It’s basically a very easy process. You can use any voice editing software, but I find it easiest to listen to my voice over a couple of different sources.

For instance, I usually have my voice recording on the radio, or on CD’s in my living room. Then I’ll use Audacity to edit the audio for my voice (you must have “Sound Recorder” or “Audio Processing” already installed so you have access to a microphone!)

Finally, I’ll use a digital recording device. My DAT (digital audio tape) is great for recording my voice over, but it’s not always necessary. I have a USB recorder that I can record to, but most of the time I leave the DAT connected to the TV in the living room.

If your voice is very dry, try a recorder with a mic that you like to use. This could be a Sony HXD-M, a Sony HXA, a Pioneer HD-P2 or you could try a little bit of trial and error as it’s really just part of getting better with voice.

How do you make a computer monitor look like an animatronic puppet?

There’s a way, but it’s a little complex. You have to get the proper lighting effects on a monitor in order to get the puppet-like effect. To get more realistic effects, use a camera-type monitor. That’s where I use my Mamiya A650 monitor.

How do you set your voice at a specific volume/level?

My voice is so very sensitive that if I do get loud or too soft, my voice will sound very angry / annoyed! This is what makes the voice so fun to use.

I usually put about 1/8 scale or a bit bigger on my voices (5 times their actual size. These “1X” voices can be a bit over the top, which is actually how I like it, because I like to have a character grow at least one size from the “standard” to the “extra”. This isn’t a rule, it’s just how I like to feel with the voice. That’s why you get different voices for each side, but it does help make the voice sound a bit louder or a bit quieter.)

What other types of voice are there?

When it comes to voice acting, there are so many types and different techniques. There’s a wide variety that many fans are excited to hear.

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