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What it’s called.

I’ve never actually seen the animated film called ‘Rise of the Guardians’, but it’s pretty good.

So I guess that’s your ‘The Lion King’ moment?

I don’t think anyone’s perfect. We’re all human beings and that’s really what we’ll always hold dear about ourselves.

You’ve been a bit under fire for a series of comments about the LGBT community. What has been your attitude to the issue?

I think this is a difficult time for a lot of people. I think it’s really important that if you can have positive thoughts about any group of people you should. It can get to a point where people feel they can’t express their own opinions.

I think that’s a problem in society. People are fearful of people who are different because there’s that negative stereotype of those who are different.

If you could take it a step further, you could do things from different perspectives. You don’t know what to say, you don’t know what to fear or what to embrace — it’s all subjective and you get a real opportunity to express your views.

You’re an actor and it’s really inspiring for anyone to read such a passionate and real view from someone like you.

I know, especially since I grew up, I’ve been pretty educated in the ways of the world. I was the eldest of two children in an Italian family. My mother was very religious and we didn’t drink, but I was more concerned about eating and the world around me than what I looked like.

It was my upbringing, I grew up in this world of learning and I have a background that’s pretty well-rounded. So when I came out as gay, I think it was a pretty natural thing.

The way I went about it, I would not talk about it to anyone. I couldn’t find someone who was straight who could tell me that, so I didn’t have an opportunity to tell anybody. Because I didn’t want to alienate anybody. I’ve never had an experience where somebody has come into my home and said ‘come meet my family’. I am very protective from my family.

Your book The Tao of PoMo and ‘Rise of the Guardians’ was recently published by Vintage

You mentioned reading and studying the works of Charles Darwin. Is there anything else you would recommend readers should read?

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