How do you make a puppet? – Ventriloquism Plosives

I was always thinking about the way the puppet should look. I would always think of different faces depending on the scene. As I was drawing these puppets for the animation I became aware of several faces I was looking at. I was very inspired by the works of the Japanese artist Chigiro Kuma. Chigiro Kuma started drawing faces as he drew his art. One of his works were the faces of insects. The faces of insects are very expressive. I knew I wanted to use the same idea with a human being. I wanted to show a human who has no knowledge to do something, but also a human who can do something. That is why I wanted to think about a human who was not very clever but has an innate intelligence. I wanted to portray somebody who can do more than other people.

Your puppet designs are a mix of original creations, but also a mix of traditional illustrations (of puppets).

I am in charge of the puppet designs in the main show. In the background I draw from my own imagination and from my personal experiences with puppets. For some of the designs I use a combination of the two. Because they are puppets, many of my designs have the same details as the puppets from my original illustrations. But I have always tried to give some personality to the puppets with my own unique style. I was always surprised when other puppet designs ended up looking very similar to me.

What do you usually draw?

I draw cartoons. I draw comic strips, manga, and comic books. My drawing style changes from one medium to the next because I often draw as a child and as an adult. For example, I started drawing manga when I was 4 or 5 years old. I then started drawing anime, which then became my daily job. I began drawing a lot of comic books because I like books and comics. I draw a lot of manga as young adults because I like to draw in new styles that I haven’t seen before. A long time ago I had a fantasy comic and that helped me to become a better artist.

A lot of your designs have the same look and feel as your original illustrations, but you have had your own signature style.

It is because I love drawing in different styles. I love mixing up different influences and styles. It is not just a matter of how much I draw, I draw differently every time.

Do you enjoy drawing or do you draw to keep up?


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