How do you make a dummy?

There are lots of choices in this area. We have created the following templates for you. If you need more help, email us and we will be happy to provide additional templates as your need arises. Maher Course Of Ventriloquism - Lesson Twenty-Six ...

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Download Template

The templates are downloaded automatically to keep them up to date, but we suggest that you print them out. You will need to print them, cut them out, and place them in the correct location. After you have printed it, cut out the template and place it in the correct location.

The templates included in this page are all available to download for printing for free. If you only need to see the template and do not need to print it, you can order a digital copy of the template, which you can download from the templates page. If you need to download templates in a specific format, see below for these.

If you have a custom design you’d like to use for your dummy, you can edit the template or upload your own design.

Include your image on a card. We will add a card at the bottom of your dummy and insert an image from within your dummy to display your image within the dummy.

Place the page into a dummy and have your dummy move around from one to another in the picture.

Place an image from within your dummy as an overlay on the page.

Place text on the page to display text within the text area.

Place text behind the image so that you will be able to see your text in the image.

Place a text box behind the dummy using the same method as above but this time using your images as the text box.

Use a background image and make sure it is your own custom image.

Have additional background images, but do not use our images as the background.


These are just some of the things you can include with each of our templates. If you need more help, email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

Rugby World Cup 2014: The best photos of Wales’ tour to the U.S.


This is the moment a group of Welsh rugby players celebrated their tour to the United States and a trip that saw them win the gold medal.

The photos by Rory Campbell of Wales Rugby Union show three players celebrating on the beach before heading to the hotel to relax