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How can I be more accurate with my pitching?” You’re asking me because in my life in baseball and even with my kids in baseball, I’m a pretty accurate pitcher. I can throw a fastball somewhere in the zone. I have a fastball that usually is in the mid-90s. Even when it’s outside. I think that’s really rare, but the thing is, it is the way I throw the ball. I’m a guy with short arms, I just like to throw the ball down and out.

But I’d never been in that situation. I’d never be on the mound like, “oh look it’s a strikeout. It’s a two out.” That was unheard of. I’d never been in that situation.

In the major leagues?

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I didn’t really go to the big leagues until after I graduated high school, and I went to Boston College. But after that, I went to Triple-A. I played with the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2011 to 2013. To be honest, it was hard to get a start.

A lot of big pitchers had trouble with the Triple-A pitch cut.

Yeah, they couldn’t get the two guys who were their starters over in the pen to go over in the fourth because they’d go through this whole drill. They’d come back, and then the third baseman would ask the manager, and he’d say, “That guy, he cut his curveball, and he wants to switch to his fastball.”

This is like the new generation of pitching coaches asking you, “How can I get guys over?” A lot of guys with short arms, they can’t handle the changeup that well. I think it’s because they haven’t done anything else. All they hear is, “How do I hit a fastball?” So a lot of them don’t go the other way or go down in the strike zone. I think it has to do with what their mechanics are. That’s what we try to do with all our pitchers. We work on arm speed because that’s what’s going to help you get over.

The major league changeover was like throwing in a pool in the winter. Now you’re switching, you’re hitting fastball, and you’re throwing four-seam fastballs. What’s the big deal with it?

That’s a good question. The major leagues are all different pitches. Here in the minors, it’s hard to throw changeup. They don

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