Does Rex dies victorious?

The answer can be found in the plot. While Rex has the best intentions, this movie makes it seem like he’s a bully and a liar.

Rex is a masterful writer. At first, when he’s told he’s being asked to kill his boss, he doesn’t say no. Even though he’s not actually there to kill anyone (which is why he was able to fool everyone), he goes to kill Rex before he knows it. The audience could never know for certain, but when Rex gets in front of the cameras and says that he won’t kill anyone, that makes the audience take notice. However, as the movie progresses, the audience takes the bait and thinks Rex is a liar and doesn’t tell them he’ll kill anyone. For most of the movie, Rex is in front of the camera, but not at all when there’s no one else to take the bait. He’s always right, but he still doesn’t say anything to the audience about killing anyone. The only time that he seems to let the audience down is when his family comes back from their trip to the dentist to help with the problem. Rex, who was in there for the entire movie, takes a moment to make sure the family is alright. He shows them his teeth without saying anything. This was when I started to think that Rex was lying. However, when he dies, I didn’t believe him, at only being a master of deception, when Rex really did kill Rex’s only son.

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