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If you’re reading this series, I want to hear:

“Can’t wait to see what happens in the final episode as we get to see Robbie’s family, learn more about the mysterious cat, catch up with the main trio and see what’s so wonderful about their new home. I can’t wait for Robbie as he gets to show off some of his new tricks on the cat and the kids!”

Is this series based off one book of the series or another?


Can I read one, two or all of the books in your book series?

No, only book one, A Bigger Splash, of which there are three books and no more.

Do I have to be a reader at some time to read this series and to enjoy it?

No, the series is an adventure story that needs to be experienced by the whole family. In it you will find a number of cute and adorable characters and a rich story that the family will enjoy.

Will there be characters that aren’t in your book series?

Yes, all the main characters that you see from the book series will also be in Cat and Robbie are the only characters that you’ll meet in the series.

Is this a prequel?

No, this is a complete new character.

What is your character’s name?

Robbie Fenn.

Was it difficult writing this book?

I think it was. I wrote it over a couple of weeks a while back during a busy school term, and then I had to finish it during the summer. The hardest part for me was that the book required that I learn a lot about my characters so that I’d be able to write them in real life. I made a lot of mistakes and spent some years making corrections or learning from them. Fortunately for me, it really turned out okay. I’m really proud of the story I got to write.

Who is Robbie’s father?

This is the story of a guy, I don’t know how to describe it, but it has a lot to do with the life and adventures of the family. I think the title says it all, I think.

Was Robbie adopted?

As you see from Robbie’s first name, his father is Robbie, and that’s important.

What were his original parents like?

I don’t know if they lived up to that title, but he

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