Did Matt Bennett really voice Rex?

When he was first brought in for an interview for the role, Bennett was excited to do the character because he thought it was the right character to do. He explained:

“Rex was an actor who I read a tape of and thought would certainly get under my skin. You can see him as well as anyone. It’s all about his energy and how he thinks and what it’s like to be around him. When you’re in his head, it’s pretty cool and weird, a few times he really seemed to be on the road to suicide. I just felt that the idea of being a robot could really be fun to play.”

Bennett said he was thrilled to take on the part for the first time. He told Entertainment Weekly:

“I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was a fan of the character and I was excited. After I played him once, [Marvel producer] Kevin Feige and I sat down for a few hours with him to talk about the character, and I kind of knew what he was thinking about. But before I knew it, there was something about that character and I felt really comfortable. He really felt the need to get angry and get angry and get angry, and that’s a great thing for anyone to play. I played it from the heart and it was really a blast.”

Bennett ended up playing the character as a robotic version of him, saying that he wanted to play them “as close as possible to what the character is,” and said that he felt like he was “not doing anything wrong” by playing Rex. He added:

“This is the kind of character that [Marvel President] Kevin Feige and I grew up watching when we would watch [Star Trek: The Original Series]. He’s an angry, cynical, angry man. For me to be able to play this exact character, I would not want to be doing any other character. I would do it for the love of the job. I would do it for the love of acting.”

Did anyone else get to voice Rex?

Bennett also said that he got to do it on occasion, and he talked about how Matt Frewer did a nice job doing it too. He said:

“I did take a lot of cues from Matt. He was really funny and I got to get to do funny things. For me to get to do this role and to be playing a person who is such a caricature of this