Did Matt Bennett actually do ventriloquism? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvd

Yes. It is the one event which has occurred in the entire history of cinema since 2001: A Space Odyssey where there is no clear-cut answer to this question. It’s the one event in which one of the stars, Christopher Plummer (the man who voiced the film’s protagonist and the subject of the comic) can legitimately claim to have done something which, from his own mouth, he clearly did.

In the movie, a man (a man who is almost unrecognizable now) is seen performing a ventriloquist’s act in an unknown location. In a split second, the man disappears into an unknown void and reappears in a nearby room. He is, it is believed by some, acting as a ventriloquist’s dummy. It’s certainly a plausible explanation – one which would also explain why a man without a voice acting studio wouldn’t want to be a dummy. But it is not the actual, real case.

We know Plummer’s performance as Captain James T. Kirk isn’t real – he is a caricature, a sort of alien version with his hair done up in an “odd combover” and a fake mustache. After a disastrous performance at the Academy Awards, we don’t know about Spock, which was another of the films featured in the comic. But we have to assume that Spock’s performance was also a composite creation. It’s probably even more believable for the film’s “acting”.

It is an amazing feat of imagination by Matt Bennett to somehow concoct ventriloquism from a scene in which a man doesn’t even have a mouth. But while the man is apparently doing something entirely different in the film’s comic than he was in real life, Bennett’s comic is not all that different from the story he wrote. In fact, there are probably more words in the comic than in any of Spacedic’s films.
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“Frog-faced” is an apt description for the man who appears in the film – a sort of hybrid version of Spacedic’s fictional creatures. But they are not frogs. They’re human beings dressed like frogs.

The man who plays Captain James T. Kirk plays a sort of alien version of Plummer’s character (if Plummer could ever be considered a “human being” at all). Here’s his description in Spacedic’s book.

I was an American who grew up in West Virginia, in the mid-twenties. My father, a native of Colorado called David Scott

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