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“The main reason [for not opening mouth was] not only because you have to say it,” said Mr. Poytter, “but also because you want to make it as subtle as possible.”
While they were in the beginning working on a script, the team were also trying to work around the film’s many other requirements and issues. There was the lack of a protagonist and an emotional, emotional-driven and emotional-laden script for a teen boy, said Ms. Aikman, the actress.
“The fact that he’s 12 and not 19 or 20 is a really significant thing,” she said “But he’s also an autistic child and he’s not going to say that he is.”
“That’s part of the reason why he feels so vulnerable. He doesn’t know who has his back or who has his hand,” Ms. Aikman continued. “There is no plot there, at least the first few minutes.”
That is also where the characters come in.
“Our script was never intended to be a kids screenplay,” said Ms. Aikman, who also directed the show. “The most important thing is that they have the same feelings and characteristics of the characters on a child that it is for a grown-up, including relationships.”
The characters’ backgrounds also serve their role. “They all have a family,” she said, “and so when they go to school, there’s only one kid who doesn’t fit the bill and that kind of makes for a more unique experience” than a more typical plot.
That is part of why the producers didn’t choose a child actor to play the character, she said, and instead used a young actor who has similar skills to the main character. “My feeling at that point was how is this going to connect with kids in the audience? And the answer is absolutely right.”
The series will not be set in the fictional school, said Ms. Aikman.
“We’re not trying to make anything like that,” she said. “It’s a new experience for a first time audience to watch. It’s what I wanted the most.”
It may also be the first project the production company has ever done in Toronto. Mr. Poytter said it took more than 100 meetings with various people in the local and regional business elite to convince them the show, and the showrunners’ script, could happen in the city.
“I think we’ll do well, because it’s such a

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