Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Jeff Dunham Part 5

I thought it was a joke until my sister texted me. I thought, “OK, I’m going to take the joke to a whole new level.” I asked my sister to write me a letter, explaining what was so funny. (She did as well.) When I was in high school, I started listening to the “Disco Inferno” by the Dixie Chicks, a group that played the “Disco Inferno” as one of the first songs we learned. One of the other members, John Frusciante, who sings backup vocals, used to do the lead vocals on the song. I asked her how this song came about. She replied, “A friend of mine, Tim Hickey, gave me the chords. I wrote a chorus for it.” When I called her, her tone was like a man who just finished reading the script of that movie where the good guys win at the end. She said, “The guys did, but we won because we were better singers.”

That was my sister — the most humble and funny person I’ve ever met, an entertainer with a voice like a drum kit. It was like watching a musical. In the last few minutes of each track, I was able to play some of my favorite songs by that era, including the original theme song from “The Rocky Horror Show”. In those days, when you had to be a certain kind of musician and have such a specific vocal inflection to make the music hit, a new, younger version of that song was a big event. The fact that Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett wrote and sang a song about a couple who was also singers was a little shocking to me, but not out of the ordinary. And the best part of it all is that I haven’t heard one of her songs since high school.

A new survey shows that Americans prefer Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton by a 60,038 to 57,926 margin, with 44.8 percent favoring Sanders.

The Washington Post reported on the survey, which was conducted by Morning Consult and was a nationally representative sample of 3,000 adults between Feb. 23 and Jan. 7.

Clinton’s lead against Sanders continues to shrink, however, as the Vermont Senator trails the former Democratic candidate by a margin of 37 percentage points.

Meanwhile, Sanders is in a statistical tie with Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, in New Hampshire.

According to one report, “Bernie Sanders’ lead in the polls, while

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