Why is it called trap? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Rapids

A trap is used to catch or harm the player or other player(s). To create a trap on a map you must have a valid objective of capturing a target in the current map, capturing it once. You may use various traps such as, but not limited to, traps set by a team/person, traps set by the enemy player(s) during the capture of a target, and even your own traps.

For more information on how to create a trap, please refer to our guide about creating traps on the Battleborn website.

What is “Loot Tagging”?

If a player kills a target he/she receives a reward based on the level of the target. This reward is the player’s total score. A player may not have the same loot tag as other players. If a player picks up loot from a dead player’s corpse he/she will get an equal amount of loot and the killer’s loot will be removed. For example, if you pick up an Engineer rifle and a Hunter knife in the same game, the Engineer rifle will count for 6 points while the Hunter knife will count for 3 points.

What is a “Catch Radius”?

A catch radius is a distance within which you must be in order to receive a kill or assist for that team or person. For example, you can catch a player behind an objective without needing to use a trap. For instance, you can catch a player on the top of a hill and he may be trying to jump off to the side or up into the trees. This is still a viable option and can be used for a lot of different situations.

Catch Radius is not an actual damage or death radius. Each area of effect damage or death radius will be individually calculated and calculated per target and each individual death radius.

The catch radius will be calculated based on an average of all the player’s deaths in the current map (i.e, if a player dies after 4 kills in a map in PvE, his catch radius is 4).

For an example; if a player dies behind a tower in a map, the radius is 5 and is split into 6 individual death zones with values calculated per death.

Damage Tagging

If a player is using a non-traditional weapon or a weapon such as rocket launcher, grenade launcher, or lancer with a killstreak that is not on the killfeed. Damage Tagging is a form of play that will reduce a

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