Why did rap become popular? – How To Master The Art Of Rapping

Some say the Beatles wrote “Let It Be”; but we’ve been listening to the rap for years now and so long in fact we feel it’s our own cultural heritage that has inspired us. There’s a real feeling that we can do something different and still get heard.

“That’s a problem.”

Yeah. That’s a problem – not just a cultural problem. It’s a cultural problem because it’s the wrong music. Music doesn’t sell unless people know how to get it. Rap is a really good thing. It’s interesting that it’s taken so long for hip hop to be able to take off like this as an art form, when everyone’s been listening to hip hop since 50 years ago and yet everyone has started to see it differently.

“I was surprised at how much mainstream music has changed. There’s still the same old sound that we can hear on rap. The people who make music today tend not to be as creative.”

Yeah, I think there’s some real confusion. People still buy music. Everybody knows what they’ll buy. That’s the beauty of the music business.

You just mentioned the fact that rap is different to other forms of music. What is it about rap that appeals to you? What gives it its power?

Just from the fact that it’s the world that everybody listens to. And I think that the world has changed in a lot of ways since hip hop came into being a few decades ago. People didn’t know what they were doing. It felt like it was just another gimmick to them. People said, “Oh, I’m going to be the best at this and don’t worry, I’m never going to learn how to play jazz guitar”. Hip hop changed that. Everybody wanted to be the best. It’s more of a challenge to be the best and in hip hop you have to look at yourself. You have to do your own research. Rap changed that. In a way, it’s the same thing it always was — rap was invented as a way of being independent of the other music. The first rap groups were not about being the best, they all wanted a little bit of attention and support. Rap changed that. In the past, there was a lot of people, including me, who thought that rap music was only about being the best and it has to be true. Now, I don’t think rap music is about that. In a way, the whole rap/rock relationship is more of

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