Who’s richer Jay Z or Diddy? – How To Write A Rap Song

Well, on top of that $14 million in album sales alone from his first two albums, his personal wealth has exploded considerably.

Jay Z has been making headlines, mostly in part, by doing crazy stunts. After the shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, he spent the afternoon singing a song in which he pretended his chest was blown off as a man with a handgun and knife was chasing him. Other times, he has been caught on camera beating up cats, or riding on a skateboard, or jumping off his ride when a passerby got off her bike. The whole thing is a bit ridiculous, but if you’re a billionaire, all kinds of outrageous things happen to rich jerks, and you pay them handsomely.

Warren Buffett says that we should read 500 pages a day ...
We did some research on how Jay Z and Beyonce’s wealth compares to other people’s fortunes. Based on that data, here are how Jay Z and the rest of our rich jerks stack up.

Top Earners by Net Worth

1. Jay Z

Jay Z and company make up just 13 percent of the nation’s net worth but they are the richest people in the United States, making $150 million last year. That’s just in income, and of course, that’s only the income. Their wealth is based on a host of other things, namely, their ownership of media brands and private equity, joint ventures, ownership of hotels, and stake in the NFL franchise that the New York Jets are now playing in.

2. Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce made history when she became only the second female soloist in the history of the Rolling Stones’ history. Her net worth stands at $110 million, with the bulk of that coming from the sale of her album, Lemonade. She also made a staggering amount of money from her performance, appearing on Broadway in “Hamilton.” There’s a good reason she’s in the NFL: She made a lot of money on “The Color Purple.”

3. Donald Trump

Trump’s net worth is currently around $3.5 billion and it’s probably the highest in our database with him holding more ownership stakes than any other person. Trump is also the owner of a number of golf courses, as does his daughter Ivanka. It would be a crime if she were to sell them in order to pay off her debts, so to speak.

4. Warren Buffet

Buffet is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $50.3

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