Who started rap? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Raptors

Was it him? In the 70s he started to write songs about this country and his world, and it was with a very large audience from a very small space. But that small space was only the same music was also the music in the clubs—I mean it was a club as well as a music club. And this was a huge market and they couldn’t get any more for it. And the bigger the better and that’s why you have, you know, the huge numbers of the artists. In the 80s everybody had their own label so it made it possible to do some of these big numbers you know, you know this and that, but it didn’t just come down to that. Then people started to say that this is all the same music, this is all the same lyrics, how can that not be the same as when you hear it on the radio? I mean that’s a very interesting question and that’s a very interesting challenge of our times, you know, I’m speaking of the fact that people want to keep different worlds and they’re a bit bored of that now, I’ve said that. We all want to keep worlds to ourselves and not to let it be a conversation between different people.

You’re a father, so you talk about the father and the daughter a lot on this album, and I think both of you are fathers.

We’re very different fathers, but when we’re listening together we can’t stop thinking about the father’s side of things, or how he does things. And maybe one will feel more proud and maybe the other will feel less proud and I’m going to say I’m going to love this album a lot harder than they love it and I’m going to let one think of it a little more intensely than the other one and it will be wonderful.

It’s easy for people to relate to or relate to a song like “I’m Waiting for the Day” that’s about someone who’s not making it, that’s about someone that got away and now he’s looking for it, that’s about a drug addict that finds a way. Is that a tough song to play, to find the voice for? Or to play the lines in that way?

The hardest thing is when you are talking about one aspect of your past and one aspect of who you are now and it is a subject on your mind. Then you don’t like making your lyrics different from other songs or different from what is currently on the radio or whatever, and

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