Who owns hip hop?

We live in a country that is governed by what we call “civil” laws. This means that our laws do not take into account cultural or political views. This is how the legal system in the US operates.

As such, the only hip hop event where we can safely stage in the United States or Canada is the Hip Hop Evolution Tour. This is a showcase hip hop event where we can showcase not only some of our most popular acts, but also our talent. When I spoke with the promoters for the tour, we were told we must have at least 20 or 30 of our artists on the tour.

What happens to the event if we don’t find anyone on this tour? Are we just left to struggle to find funding? When does the festival end?

We are currently planning our annual “Hip Hop Fest” after the “Hip Hop Evolution Tour” ends. This festival will be held at the Toronto International Pop Fair from August 19th to September 15th. We feel in order to keep our artists motivated to be on the next leg of our tour, we need to do this before “Hip Hop Evolution Tour” ends.

Are there other international artists that will be playing at the show?

There are numerous artists that have been performing at our event over past years, for several years now, that are considered “hip hop stars” globally and who we will definitely be going through each year with our artists.

How long has the Hip Hop Evolution Tour worked so far?

The Hip Hop Evolution Tour has been at Toronto’s International Public Square since 2007. In 2006, we had the “Blackout 2.0” event. It’s been a long, long time coming and we are finally ready to unveil the most anticipated, and exciting and exclusive stage music event in Toronto.

Which artists is featured on your stage?

Each week, we have a different artists featured that we’ve curated over the years. We want to give the audience the most unique experiences possible and we really believe this will be some of the best concert music Toronto has seen in recent years.

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This year will be no exception as well.

When will these performers (and other artists on tour) make an appearance at Hip Hop Evolution?

This year, we plan to perform our biggest acts on the show from top to bottom, but there is no set date or time. We are looking to have other top acts, so please come out and see the