Who is the youngest rapper alive? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Statement For A Debate

Who is the second youngest?” And the first one said.

I mean, I would like to feel like I would like to have a certain level of respect. I know that a lot of people don’t think rappers have the respect they really deserve. They take it as a compliment. They take it as a compliment that they are going to do something that they’re trying to do, something that they’re trying to take over. They assume that is the way you would like your artist to be, or you want your artist to be. I don’t feel that way at all.

“So what is a rap? They say it. I don’t think so.”

I’ve got to tell you what this year has meant in terms of music for me so far. I’m on a good streak, and I don’t think the streak ends. I think things will continue to take me to new places. There will be ups and downs. You do things, and there are times when you’re like, “That was really cool. That did it. That was really powerful for me, and it worked.”

So I don’t know if it’s a good year for me at all. I don’t know if I’m in the midst of a bad one at all. There were so many cool shit happening out there. I think it’s just getting people to realize they can do that. That they’re capable of doing that. So they’ll be coming to me, saying, “Hey, I want to jump, I want to dance.” So there is a lot of awareness of these things happening because there’s a greater awareness of what that means, because it’s going to happen.
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You mentioned, in the “New World” video, that you saw the world as a series of mirrors. Are you doing the same thing now?

That’s a good analogy. You’re talking about how you’re getting older, but it’s still getting younger all over. You have to be kind of cognizant of it, too. You just gotta be aware of it, and know that people are going to change. They aren’t perfect and they won’t be for the rest of their lives. They’ll still change a hundred different times throughout their lives. So, we’re moving toward this new, but also, new, world, and that’s great. We gotta figure it out.

One more question. On the track “The Next Day,” you are singing, ”

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