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Bruh is a big boy but his music is very mellow. He is also known because he is very open about his struggles with his voice and voice surgery. His voice was so bad that in one of his early songs, he tried to use the “F” key but it became a bit too quiet so he took it home and wrote a song around it and now he gets very serious when he sings. He is a really cool rapper and makes me smile.

Do you have a dream?

I just want to be the best rapper on the planet and to leave my scars on the world.

Which song on this album was the best?

Crazy Like Da Biz, Crazy Like Da Biz, Crazy Like Da Biz, Crazy Like Da Biz

Crazy Like Da Biz, Crazy Like Da Biz, Crazy Like Da Biz is a fantastic release by Bruh since he has already released this album before and if you are a fan of his, you should pick this one up to get the full experience . The only real gripe is that there were no samples from the other songs so you are essentially getting a single song instead of a full album. He gets a bit too emotional when he raps but hey when you are a rapper like bruh you can’t help it!

What is your favourite thing about hip hop?

I love that everyone has the same opinion on hip hop. I am like “what, which song are you talking about” or “you saying this about X, and that about Z” and everyone is going nuts about it. My favourite thing about hip hop, is that sometimes you just want to listen to a song like “Hey Mama”. I have not had a moment in my life where I did not have this song for the entirety of it. Also, there are so many songs out there like “Dirty Money” or “I’m a Bitch”. All over the world and yet I still hear songs like that over and over again.

Who is your least favourite rapper?

All these dudes are so unoriginal. I can name ten rappers who have rapped something that doesn’t sound that bad that is worth hearing. Only a group of two (Aesop Rock and DMX) that I can’t really name. Other than that I am really into Jay-Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jaden Smith, and Lil Uzi Vert. I

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