When did gangsta rap end?

While it was in its early stages, it became clear that the music from gangsta rap—which, for the most part, was about being a bad punk—didn’t have anything to do with the street. By the ’90s, it was clear that gangsta rap had shifted to selling violence. By the 2000s, gangsta rap had morphed into gangsta R&B: The most mainstream example is the rise of Jay-Z and his Roc Nation record company, which began with the original N.W.A. albums. And just this summer, Jay-Z’s new album, 3:44, began as a major-label effort, as its label released it exclusively on iTunes.

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What’s next for gangsta rap?

We can’t say exactly, but it’s certainly a trend that’s starting to spread throughout mainstream pop culture. It’s important to keep an eye on because we’ve got this new generation of hip-hop stars who are making their first big-name debuts and we’re going to see how they fare.

“The only thing that’s important is our country” is the slogan of the Green’s 2016 primary manifesto. We are also seeking to achieve an “A Better Union” by combining the Green’s “social” and “environmental” policies into a single platform.

The manifesto seeks to:

1. Ensure the Green Party is the only party committed to a full economic and climate analysis of Brexit negotiations. We will hold the government to account by publishing a comprehensive draft strategy for a sustainable, low carbon economy.

2. Protect and expand our environmental policies to ensure they fit within the UK’s national planning framework, and work with businesses and industry to ensure there is continuity in the environmental and environmental policies which support our economy. A green economy supports employment, investment, innovation and growth. While the economy grows it benefits all.

3. Work to build a Green majority at Westminster in 2020 – we cannot become a minority party in parliament. The electoral arithmetic in a hung parliament will favour Labour and reduce the power of the Green Party at Holyrood and Westminster. We have a strong tradition in Westminster of working together to ensure that policies are aligned in a fair way for all of us. We will work with all sides of the House to ensure that decisions are taken independently. This is where the Green Party’s role should be.

4. Help the Green Party become an elected representative government