What word rhymes with pretty? – Flocabulary Songs

I’m a pretty girl, am I pretty?”

“Who’s a pretty girl?”

“Darling, don’t play that game, just try to be pretty.”


I’m a pretty girl because I never give up and get myself a nice, nice guy. Even if I feel bad that people don’t like me and they can’t understand why, that’s okay, I don’t give up and get myself a guy.

If you think that’s not enough for me, just think about how nice and supportive our parents were. I never had a single boyfriend or girlfriend growing up. My parents would support me, and it showed in my life. Even the guys who were at my house would try hard to get closer to me, but their friends told them how silly they were and would stay away. I even started to play football and my mom would get me practice at it, and it was the first time my friends and I had played together.

My mom is usually very good to us, but when it comes to me, I’ll go to her for anything. She’s a little picky about whether we will buy something but she’ll be the one who gives it our all. If there is a problem, she’ll talk us through it and get us to a solution. And she never does anything without asking for my mom’s approval.

When I was in school, she’d make us go out shopping with special needs kids (usually in a grocery store or a mall). She’d pick an item out for me and put it in my handbag before asking me what to get for mom. Mom would probably laugh loudly. But that’s when she wanted our permission to help those kids and I needed it. She knew that even without a lot of help, if we were together, she could get us a little more money to eat.

It’s funny how, even if you’re not with your parents, you can still understand what they’re going through. My mom was always so concerned, but she never ever stopped believing that it was a gift for me. Even when I wanted to cry or ask for help, she was happy and willing to listen. The two most important things I can ask for in life. She was the best person in my life.

She was a great mom, and even though I’ve never been a model, I love her and respect her by all accounts. She was the one who taught me everything.

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