What was the first rap song ever?

Is it about me? I’ve been asked those questions about my style of rap, but I had no idea and the only answer I’d get is when my cousin was 10, ‘Oh, that’s rap; it’s not even good music.'”

The first thing that struck me when we spoke was her talent for a broad sense of style that borders on the avant garde. “My taste spans fashion, culture, language, even history,” she says. When asked where she got inspiration from she says she’s all about that. “It’s always got a historical context, which is not the same as my fashion style.”

That’s a key point, because she has a lot of influences that are not so easy to spot for a first time listener. While the rest of the girls have names as familiar as Belly, Mariah, Aaliyah, Lyla, Aaliyah 2.0, and Aaliyah 2.xx and their style certainly seems to be very British at times (though that could be a stylistic choice made for the show), she’s got a more eclectic cast as far as what kind of people influence her style. Aaliyah is from the Arabian Gulf, which is a different world to some of us, but that doesn’t stop her from taking influences from all over the place.

“The culture influences me a lot,” she says, “but also I do a lot of music. When I was in school I did rap. A lot of it is different from rap, but a lot of that is really inspired by everything. I used to love rap music, but I wanted to be a rapper. I feel like everything influences everything, not just music.”

She’s also a big admirer of British rappers. “When they’re singing they’re super powerful, I’m inspired a bit by them,” she says. “You’ve got that British sense of style, you’ve also got a sense of humor. When I was in school my favorite rapper was Terence Trent D’Arby, but I actually wanted to be a hip hop artist when I was younger.”

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