What was the first rap song ever? – Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap Vhs Alex

Hip-hop was definitely a part of hip-hop but I’m saying that we had it at one point. At the time, all the rappers who were on the radio had some kind of a flow – you know, something that they had. So it kind of took some time for everyone to catch up. And then the internet just came out and it just exploded. A lot of people just made music, and that’s just how it went.

What’s the biggest question you’ve had about your music?

There’s so many, and every hip-hop song has so many fans. The biggest question of my life is I’m probably the most asked question in my record. There are times when I’m on the radio and a rapper is talking to [me], and one of the words that pops into my head is “why is that guy doing that?”. I always look at music through the lens of: “is it a cool song? Am I good for the masses? And why did they pick me?” So that’s the biggest question I got asked, and it was “Why do I sound like that?” When I first started making records, people would ask the same question. I’d say, “Why do people like my style? Why do I have these beats? Why am I a record producer? Am I a producer who makes records? I don’t think I am.”

And then people would be like, “oh, yeah, how’d you do that?” And I’d say “I would have done that.” Or, “What is your process?” And I’d be like “You know, not that complicated, we don’t have a lot of ideas. Sometimes you just think you have one, but it turns out you have lots of different ideas.” So people would be like: “are you sure that was your process?” And I would be like, “Yeah, that was my process and it’s not that complicated.”

Is there any single song that sticks out to you or that you’d like to hear in hip-hop?

[laughs] There are like a million. It’s just a matter of… there’s just so many people, they like different genres, they want different kinds of sound and different styles, and so it’s hard to choose on those songs. I’m pretty lucky to have a few that actually stand out as favourites, and they’re all really good. Like: “What am I looking for…is it a

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