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That’s right, the rhymes are mostly things like “gosh,” “cute,” and “hot stuff” because it’s a slang word for sex, according to

When people have sex, however, they use different words to describe how they feel. For example, if you have sex in the bedroom, you’re referred to as a “f–king slut”, but if you perform oral sex, you’re referred to as a “lover.”

How do people talk about it in the bedroom?

One term is “the loo”, which is slang for a hole, according to The Washington Post. The other phrase is “the room,” which refers to the room that’s used when people are having sex.

Do they really talk about doing their business?

Of course they do. It’s been documented that people often use their fingers to masturbate and use their genitals to insert objects into themselves or to have sex, the Washington Post reports.

Did they talk about why all of this happens?

Yes, although there are differences between various people. Some people talk about the nature of sex and how it’s consensual. Other people use words like “love,” “cheating” and “f–k” to describe it.

How come they’re doing it in front of cameras anyway?

Although it happens, the news doesn’t make a big deal about the behavior if the sex isn’t in front of viewers.
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This phenomenon is quite common, according to the Associated Press.

In 2007, some 17 million viewers watched the Miss America pageant live on CBS. More than two-thirds watched it on television, CBS said.

In 2002, some 23 million watched the Miss U.S. Teen USA pageant live on MTV. One-fourth of those viewers watched it on television, according to The New York Times.

The news also reported that men and women did different things when viewing the news — with men more likely to watch on TV. For a time, women and men were divided according to whether their TV feeds were on or off. When a couple watched the news, the woman went with the TV because she would prefer it to be muted, but the man would watch on TV.

The Times said that although many people don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having sex online, other forms of social and sexual media exist and will eventually make use of the new platforms.

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