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A few people had guessed that the word rhymes with lots of. But that would have been incorrect. The word rhymes with lots means to have a lot in one place. So, in this case, we can be certain that the word rhymes with lots. The word lot is a good guess.

A few people had guessed that the word rhymes with lots. But that would have been incorrect. The word lot is a good guess. A word with lots can be used to express an idea that rhymes with lots. So we would say that when something rhymes with lots, that means an idea is expressed with lots of words.

How do you tell the difference between a word that has lots of different meanings and it has to do with number?
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Because of the way that the English language is used, you will not know the exact difference if you see two words that sound similar but have different meanings or two words that both have lots of different meanings. To find out the differences, you need to compare them with each other and also with other words in your language. Here are some examples that will help you get a better idea on the difference between a lot and a number:

The word number and the word lot are very similar.

When someone says that number it usually means something about numbers not many, but something about quantity

When a lot is used in the English language it always means a number that is a lot of.

You may know the differences between lot, number, many, and lots and you may be very confused because you don’t know the difference between lot and number, many, and lots. I hope that this example will help you understand the difference between these and other similar words that you may encounter, and will help you use them in your personal speaking and writing.

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