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When it first appeared, the phrase “jiggle it up” was a reference to that little girl with the big buns and her mom said, “I never see those kinds of things.”

So, when someone says, “You never do that” or “you never do that,” that’s just a reference to the kid or mom with the big buns and her mom saying, “I’ve never seen those kinds of things.”

It is also used when we want to point out something that was unexpected.

It was a surprise to the person being told something.

This could be a kid saying, “How’s your day?” or a parent saying, “How’s your day?”

It used to be a term used to get a kid out of something they’re doing.

Today, it’s an expression of excitement, just because someone said something really cool.

It was originally used with kids.

I grew up in a very sports and outdoorsy household where the word “jiggle it up” was used with kids.

The reason we said “jiggle it up” was because kids really like to jump.

They wanted to get from one side of the house to the other as fast as possible.

They had these little things that they jumped off of.

When we said “jiggle it up,” we said, “You don’t jump.”

We were saying that they were not going to jump, so they could sit down.

And so, “jiggle it up” is one of those phrases that are used with sports and outdoorsy kids.

It was originally a phrase used with the elderly.

The older one would say something and the other one would say “jiggle it up,” as a joke with them because we were always joking about something.

There’s an old saying that “We’re all doing it jiggle it up” because a little kid says something, and I would say “Do you guys wanna jiggle it up?” And they’d all say, “Yeah, we want to jiggle it up.”

If you’ve never had it, it’s funny.

Once you’ve had it, you really do love it forever.

You can use the expression without a rhyming sense.

I never used “jiggle it up” when I was a kid. I would write it on the chalkboard and I would

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