What rhymes with G? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapidly Progressive Dementia

How many times have you said this in the past 12 hours?

What is the longest a person has had to wait to use a word.

If you are like most people, you say the words, “Go.”

And, as the rest of the world knows, “Go” is also the name of a movie.

Did you even know the name of the movie?

Do you know why it was given this name, though?

(Yes or no)


Yes (No? You can change your answer if you want)


In our example above, the answer “Yes”, has a very small chance of being correct.

But the answer “No” would get you only a 0.01% chance of being right.

That’s only 1.6% chance.

It would be better, though, to answer “No” and see how many times it came up in your responses.

If you guessed wrong, you would have to say the name “Movies” 11 times before you knew it.

Is it possible that you have a stronger ability to say the name of the movie than the other people in the group? Or, is it likely that your answers reflect your personality more than your knowledge of the movie, like an average person?

This test was developed by Michael Weidler of the University of California, San Diego. It was released on December 10, 2003. And there have been only 6 test questions for this year.

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