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The “G” means “Guitar” and is basically a small, two-way electronic pedal with a fixed, non-moving pickup. The “r” stands for “Reverb” and is just like the guitar pedal. Just like on a guitar, you can “flanger” your guitar or you can use it to increase or decrease levels, so you can have your “drummer” play the “guitar” part and bring in all the ambient sounds you want to, or vice versa. To keep it simple, it’s basically a little “in-between” effect instead of something to be used on the main mix.
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Why is this so cool?

When you think about it, the only thing you really need in a “guitar” mix is the “guitar” on one channel. It may sound “somewhat” out of place, but if you can play a “guitar” on all channels you could have that amazing distortion effect… Or you could make a “Guitar” part and a drum-part, which sounds great and you could also have a “guitar”, but with a bass and/or a kick and/or a reverb (like a reverb pedal). It allows you to have an awesome sounding set of sounds when used in any combination of three different ways. One “guitar” is used “guitar” on all three channels and another is used “guitar” on bass and then on the reverb you can have the “Guitar” on all three. There’s literally not a channel you can’t sound awesome by using different types of “Guitar”.

How does it work?

When you turn on the fader, the “Guitar” on one channel will “flanger” itself up and become that big monster, and then will change from that “guitar to” to “Reverb”. The other side of that “Reverb” fader can still be used on the main channel to increase or decrease levels. It’s that simple. But if one channel doesn’t sound as good as the second one, you can use “Guitar” on both channels to get one of those great sounding tones.

Also, what if I use a separate guitar or bass/kick instrument to play the “guitar” part? Doesn’t that make me sound “woofed out”?

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