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Might as well let’s be real here for the next 20 seconds at least, because it’s like the third of April.

Might as well let’s be real this April will be around 20 years of the world being run by a handful of dictators, some of whom have ruled with an iron fist for nearly two generations. They’re not called democracies or republics, because they don’t have one either. They’re called dictatorships. And one of the things that’s interesting about dictatorships is, they tend to be based on very simple rules of order. They tend to be based on very, very long, drawn out conversations between the leader and his cabinet. Their rule of law isn’t about respecting all the rights, all the liberties. There are very rare occasions when someone in the government comes forward and says, “OK, I’ll do this or that.” They’ve got rules where if you get caught in a traffic violation after you’ve been caught, you will get in trouble with the court. This is in the same way.

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[Laughter] How about, in the way that people are able to move around, they’re not going around in circles? It’s very simple. They only have to do that when there is conflict of interest. So one side of the country is going to be rich, and the other side is going to be poor. It’s always going to be that way. What has changed in this era is that, over the last 20 or 30 years, more and more people have been moving out of the bottom rung of society. The last 20 years have seen about a third of the world’s population leave the bottom rung. There hasn’t been an exodus of billionaires, right? It’s about half that. It’s about half of the middle class of people that own businesses. But it’s really about the top rung of society. You know, we talk about how poverty has been brought under control in other countries. You know, the same thing’s happening in the United States. But the bottom 80 percent have been getting poorer. So you have to ask, in that sense, how has the U.S. benefited from all these people moving out of the bottom rung of society? Because it hasn’t helped the rest of the country.

Okay, so back to that thing of order. Do you have an answer to that, Mr. Rhodes? Okay, let’s just look at this. You know, this is an issue that

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