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How can you tell?”

Mackenzie said his father often said, “It’s the smell. It’ll make you have a drink.”

Mackenzie recalled how his father would put a little bit of dew to his cigarette during the winter holidays. That helped bring on the memories of summer, “without you knowing it.”

Mackenzie was fascinated with the history of dew. “He wanted to know why the sky was blue, and why it was dry.”

Even though Mackenzie was not a doctor, he did write a little poem that he later put into his children’s books, in which he spoke about the nature of the universe and how his children were to understand what it means to come closer to understanding it.

In Mackenzie’s book “The Earth Under God,” the author writes:

In fact, it is only thanks to dew that one is able to see and appreciate what God made in the universe. Dew may seem to be the most insignificant of all substances, that would not touch the very core of man’s being. But it touches the very heart, and that is precisely what made the Universe and the whole cosmos one. It is this very quality of dew, this power to turn away from the things we are, that makes the universe and everything around it so beautiful…

In the book, Mackenzie also speaks to the importance of the dew that is still present at the base of life on our planet.

“This planet was formed, and it has changed since then,” he wrote. “It has changed because dew is present. Dew is very large and very powerful; it contains the life which sustains life on earth, the atmosphere. It holds the Earth together: no other cause could possibly have done so. This is the source of its power. Dew has made us human beings.”

The dew is a key factor in the production of life on Earth, which allows microorganisms to exist, the author wrote. To make microorganisms of dew has been described as “a kind of miracle.”

When you go to the Museum of Dew in St. Mary’s, you can see and feel the difference, though.

“This is the only place where we don’t have trees because our trees were eaten by insects,” Mackenzie said.

As he grew older, Mackenzie noticed the same type of dew formation on the coast of British Columbia. “Then

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