What is Korean rap called? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easy Things To Make And Sell

I don’t know! Maybe something that’s about the same as our country’s rap, but with Korean flavor. Maybe even some Korean words.

Do you think Korean rappers make good music?

Of course. We’re not that far away from the American hip-hop group. We just haven’t been allowed to practice so well.

How are Korean rap acts like?

They are about as good as their American counterparts. In other words, if you ask about rap like “Who is the best rapper right now?” you’ll have hard time deciding.

What do you hate about Korean rap?

I hate how they don’t listen to the audience. And I also want them to listen to the audience, because there are some people who listen to Korean rap for the first time and then won’t even think of it as rap. I also think the Korean music is kind of cheesy.

Do you have any other music that has attracted you after you have met with Korean music directors?

As of the time of this interview, I don’t think there are any more artists in Korea who were influenced by American dance acts. However, I think I could have been influenced by a few people.

What do you think about the Korean film industry?

I’m a fan of Korean films. I think it’s great that people can see Korean films. At the same time, I feel the industry has its issues. You just haven’t really seen the best of them.

Who is your idol?

I like all the actors. Also, if actors from other countries are allowed to watch Korean films, I really want them to see them.

What do you think about pop music in Korea?

Pop music feels like it’s coming from New York City. The production values are very good, but there is a lack of emotional feelings on stage, and singers do a lot of dance routines. I don’t know if music is a factor in creating that.

If Korean pop acts became popular globally what would be the result?

Just what I expect it to be.

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