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What is a 32 in rap?

16 is the smallest number. 32 is the largest. When you get older, the 16s get smaller and older and fewer new singers come.

So, why is every single rapper, from the beginning, going for one 16? It’s because that is their whole career (so far). Because they have a few older tracks, and they get older.
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When I first started making music, I did it by ear; if it sounded good, I got involved. I was thinking a lot about rhyming and how to make the songs.

I would say, “Let’s take that last beat I’ve been working on and put it in.” You don’t want to change, you just want to keep using the same beats. Then, it became very obvious that a 16 is the best choice. If I make a new song, I’ll probably make another beat using the same beat.

How has your career expanded in recent years and what can you tell us? Did you have to start over with a new sound?

Yeah, I did that. The first album I released was called S.O.S. I did some R&B on it. I did some rap-y sounds on it. As time went by, I took a bit of rap lyrics more and more and I guess I just didn’t feel it was right for me. I felt like the sound was too rap-y. The new sound I wrote on it was more of a pop-sound. I never wanted to write as a rap producer; I didn’t even want to write as a producer. [Laughs]

I made an album in a lot of ways in the beginning. I was in a label called Wrecking Ball with some friends. We made a lot of music, and that was the only thing I was involved in. Then I got an offer to write for some famous artists, like Jay Z and Jay-Z’s team. I’m not one to be afraid or anything. I don’t want to get in a label’s face or anything. I took the offer because I wanted to.

I was on a label called Def Jam but then they folded. I was trying to make an album. That’s why I put that one on that label, because I was trying to do the exact same thing I’m doing now. [Laughs]

The other thing is, this [Daft Punk’s] Visions album was

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