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When they were doing the first single “We Don’t Want a Rapper on Our Team” they thought it would be perfect to do a rap song with a single, two lines of lyrics, but that didn’t work. The second single “My Black Soul” was a very good “rap” song with two lines of verses. It was also called very nice rap.

A couple years ago, the music industry, and especially the music industry within hip-hop, started to get a bit lazy because of all the video stuff, and so they turned their focus to songwriting and it started to become, you know, harder.
Knit Jones: July 2009

So the second single “My Black Soul” was supposed to be a rap song in it’s core, but then again the industry would have you believe that there is nobody that is doing rap music that can really make a rap song. And then in a few years they realized “Alright this is a problem.”

So they decided that they would do something different. So they did a rap song, but it was about being black, it was about being black and being black on a level where everybody can understand these lyrics. And I love the song “My Black Soul,” because for the first time I remember hearing a rap song that had lyrics. And I was like “Wait a second, let’s listen to these lyrics before someone else hears them. I want to hear these words and I want to understand what was going through their mind.”

That’s what I like about R. Kelly. He knows how to put himself in our shoes. And that’s why I love R. Kelly.

So R. Kelly decided he wanted to try out these hip-hop, R&B and rock-n-roll, soul-and-R&B records. He did a bunch of these records and he came to a conclusion that it was not the right time for it. It was too modern.

So he’s like “We gotta make a rap record that can be in the same category as hip-hop but be a little older.” I think what he’s implying here is that the music industry doesn’t really give a shit anymore what you are doing. They don’t really give a shit about what your career is or what your talent is, or any of that stuff. They just want to hear that you are good and that you are doing something and to see it on a bigger scale and make it seem bigger and a little longer in order to

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