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Well. The origin of rap in America (what was it exactly? The early to mid 1800s!) was a reaction against the slavery of African Americans. The white slave owners didn’t want blacks who were smarter to come to America (or to go to Europe) because the whites thought their skills could be put to better use as slaves. They also didn’t want blacks who were more intelligent to be free. So rap was born. It started as a reaction to the white people who could do the work. So there is this group of people called the rap heads, and they come from the urban areas.

The thing rap represents to me is that nobody can talk down to anybody. I do think that people can tell when somebody is using a rap album to be condescending.

So I think that the origins of rap are really a reaction against white people wanting the world to accept the ideas and values of African Americans. So it is a reaction against what white people did in the past, and not a response to the world being black and white. Like, as long as we’re trying to get over each other being black and white and so on, why should we try to get over and integrate together again?

There’s a little bit of racism in rap. I personally feel like some of it is kind of funny, but not too serious. I don’t know. Maybe there’s some truth to that, but it doesn’t really bother me. Maybe other rap fans are kind of different.

Do you think rap as a whole or rap albums in particular are more representative of black people than any other aspect of music?

What? What are you saying? I’d have to ask my friend the Black Studies professor at Iowa State University.

What is the difference between a “real” human and a “fake” human?

When it comes to the difference between a real human and a fake human, we can’t be certain as we don’t do a lot of research into what is real and what is fake. In this article, we explain how we use the term “fake” to describe a type of human. To be clear, the term “fake” is not always used in a negative way, it can be used in the opposite respect, as part of a compliment:

The New York Giants have a wide variety of roster needs, but they are not short of the top talents at any position. Even though their quarterback position is deep and it is not a given that

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