What genre is modern rap?

Fiction, which can’t really be defined as rap. The fact that it exists outside of rap means something. It’s almost like a genre that has already existed. And I think with contemporary pop music, you get a lot of pop singers who want to make “Rapper’s Delight” music and they don’t want to make “Rapper’s Delight” as rap, or they don’t want to make “Rapper’s Delight” as pop. A lot of rap music’s really about being a “pop star,” and I feel like these hip-hop songs are really about staying in touch with reality and being yourself at your own pace and your own size. That’s a big problem in contemporary pop music.

What does a hip-hop song like “New Slaves” say about you?

It’s all of it. It’s so much more personal than this is, and when you make songs that are so personal, to me it’s easy to take a step back and say, “Ah, I don’t know that much about what people really want.” [On New Slaves], that’s not a big part of it. You have a lot of very powerful and personal truths in it. Like “Where you at, man? There I am.” You also get to tell that story about how that person becomes their own god.

After more than two years of trying to sell an ambitious $400 million, 21st Century Fox-backed film project to the studio, filmmaker David Ayer (Cop Car) has finally managed to get his project going with Universal. (The director had been hoping for the studio’s involvement but recently said he was working only with Universal, who produced the film.)

It’s great to see Ayer, who is also the writer/producing behind Mad Max: Fury Road, finally getting the big pay day he longed for. That said, his film isn’t a huge moneymaker on the level of his other efforts. Still, it has big potential, and Universal will have to figure out how to work with two people who are trying to do something in the same genre. In any case, after having to work out how to partner with David Ayer… I’m hoping Universal can figure out at least something big here.
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The story follows the story of three men who are both working toward and in a race to save Earth from what they call the “Void.” With a few exceptions, everyone involved with this film is a