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“A bar was often a gathering place where people could go for meals or drinks in a small group with few restrictions on drinking,” said Michael Farkas, director of music education at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in a press release. “In music, bars were very important to the culture of the day.”

Here are some cool things to do while visiting a Los Angeles bar in the early 1900s

Get out of the shade, get down on the ground, and get down.

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This is an easy way to start a social group and also one of the best ways to make friends at a bar (or one of several other locations) in the city.

You can get up on the ground, turn your head to the left, and head to the bar’s left side — the front door.

The idea is to lean on your right foot and dance around the crowd. The trick is that you’ll have your arms in the air, ready to swing them.

It’s a quick way to get down, and it’s a great way to make new friends… and to hang out in the bar with your buddy. If you get down there, you’ll both likely have a good time, at least for a while.

Check out the photos of this old scene below:

And this one is from another location, which is a little closer to what was at least “the” place:

As for the people in the photo above, they’re more likely to be seen in the bar than they are on the street:

That’s because a lot of Los Angeles bars were actually very walkable. The street was not only safe, but there were few streets (that have survived) that you couldn’t head to the alley behind a bar to get some fresh air or sit down under a tree.

The street became increasingly dangerous when Prohibition was repealed in 1933. Streets were narrow, parking was restricted (sometimes literally), and the city put in place much tougher parking laws.

As a result, many clubs and bars closed, leaving you to make your own way to a bar. Or, worse, you’d end up in a bar that the police didn’t mind being near.

As for this photo, it’s a perfect way to get down on the ground, move to the left, and watch the people around you.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Although birds of a

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